Spices enrich and distinguish products, surprise, entertain and help to creat mood. They have no borders.
  • Cannelle Bakery brand is made for constantly busy and hasty city dweller who wants to lead a healthy life not giving up comfort, is open to new ideas and wants to get to know the world.
  • Cannelle Bakery product development is inspired from Latvian and worldwide lifestyle and flavor tendencies.
  • The key values of Cannelle Bakery brand are tasty, healthy, and easy to use.

The American Bagel brand stands for the very best of the world known American bagel. It captures all of the best qualities taste, texture, look, feel and smell of the true American Bagel. 

Consumer brand Matss developed from the previous company name, letting consumers to easily recognize bread and biscuits of the leading bakery company of Courland in the shop shelves.

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