Successfully completed RSPO audit

26 Mar 2021
Successfully completed RSPO audit
Cannelle Bakery became a member of The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2018, and the recent successful annual RSPO certification monitoring audit is also a testament to our understanding of the environmental impact of palm oil extraction. The RSPO is designed to improve palm oil production practices and ensure the traceability of palm oil supplies from palm plantations to the finished product. The proportion of palm oil used in the production of Cannelle Bakery is small, but it is important for us to use palm oil from sustainably managed palm plantations. Our company wants to reassure its customers that the products they purchase do not pose a threat to the ecosystem, that they are thoroughly tested to meet the requirements of the RSPO standard, and that our products comply with best sustainability practices. We have put a lot of work into obtaining the RSPO certificate, which is initially granted for five years in 2019, and ensuring that the annual audit is also successful. The company has implemented an efficient and traceable supply chain system to use palm oil obtained from plantations that meet modern sustainable production criteria and do not endanger natural forests, animal species and plant diversity. This is not only our attitude towards consumers, but also our responsibility for the global ecosystem. We believe that ecologically safe and responsible production will also play an important role in increasing competitiveness.
See the results of our progress here https://rspo.org/members/7841
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