Cannelle Bakery novelties

25 Nov 2014
Cannelle Bakery novelties
The first trade agreements of the new “Cannelle Bakery” production have been signed on the supply to Latvian and Estonian stores and they are available at the frozen food display cases of these stores. The buyers are offered four types of pastries:

Shortcrust pastry with curd filling are a quick and easy to prepare snack. Bake them at the exact moment when necessary: on festive occasions, upon the arrival of unexpected guests or simply when you are willing to treat yourselves to something tasty.

Checkerboard cookies – so tempting that they disappear from the table sooner than the pawns from a checkerboard game. The easy to store freezer package contains a two-coloured dough preparation. Thanks to the playful colour match, children will be especially fond of these cookies.

Cannelle Bakery shortcrust pastries are quick-frozen, easy to store in a home freezer and ready for instant baking. All you have to do is defrost them for 15 to 30 minutes, ley them on a baking tray and place them in a preheated oven. Soon your kitchen will be filled with a sugary scent that will make every guest already feel welcome at your doorstep.

Pies with smoked meat are prepared according to the pie baking traditions of our grandmothers. The dough is made of the best butter and milk, and the pies are filled with the most delicious meat. Traditions of flavours are expressed exquisitely – each pie is stroked by the hands of a skilled baker.

If you are planning to go on a trip, a picnic or a family outing in nature, the one bite mini pies with smoked meat will be the right choice. We warn you that the savoury snacks are so tempting that they will quickly disappear into stomachs one after another, therefore it would be advisable to already equip yourselves with several packages in advance.

Cannelle Bakery pies are especially convenient – they are quick-frozen and you can enjoy them immediately after defrosting or after heating for a few minutes in the oven. Have no doubts that even the most insatiable pie lovers will not be able to distinguish them from home-baked ones!
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