Anuga 2021

19 Oct 2021
Anuga 2021
The Anuga 2021 exhibition was attended by 4,600 exhibitors from 98 countries and by more than 70,000 visitors. Cannelle Bakery had a stand in the hall for frozen products.
We presented our wide assortment, confectionery of various fillings and sizes, as well as such bakery products as beigels, hamburger buns, portion buns, showing great interest from both customers and consumers. We offer 7 different types of beigels with Kosher certificate, thus suitable for various very specific export clients. One of the current trends is health, so we offer products with reduced fat and added sugar, as well as products with high fiber and protein content.
We presented our new product line "Bake at home". This type of concept is becoming more and more popular all over the world, which we could also observe in the exhibition. This product line stands out with its vegan-friendly products - tofu mini cake and mini frittata. It was very helpful to hear feedback from visitors on these, helping us with the further development.
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