Cannelle Bakery izstādē Singapūrā

7 May 2018

Cannelle Bakery piedalījās vienā no nozīmīgākajām pārtikas izstādēm Dienvidaustrumāzijā "Food & Hotel Asia"

Cannelle Bakery Receives Recognition from the Latvian Chamber of Commerce

22 Mar 2018

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented its Export Awards at the members’ meeting of 20 March. 

Cannelle Bakery at the Foodex Japan 2018 Exhibition

21 Mar 2018

Cannelle Bakery participated in one of the largest international food industry fairs in Asia, Foodex Japan 2018, which took place in Tokyo on 6-8 March.  

Cannelle Bakery at the Reaton Professionals’ Days 2018

9 Mar 2018

On 13–14 February, Cannelle Bakery participated in the Reaton Professionals’ Days. 

Honouring Our Best Colleagues at the End-of-the-Year Ball

18 Jan 2018

At the Cannelle Bakery end-of-the-year ball we honoured our best employees who had upheld our company’s values: quality, accountability, common sense and continuous development. 


23 Nov 2017

The packaging of Cannelle Bakery pies has received recognition from the expert judges of the Latvian Packaging Association’s national competition Best Packaging in Latvia 2017.

In Anuga 2017

31 Oct 2017

The international exhibition Anuga 2017 in Cologne, Germany, is one of the largest food exhibitions in the world and every other year it brings together industry professionals. 

Cannelle Bakery Participates at the Monolith GmbH 20th Anniversary Trade Fair

15 Sep 2017

On 9 and 10 September in Bonn, our biggest export client Monolith GmbH organised a trade fair and celebration in honour of its 20th anniversary. 

Cannelle Bakery Awarded the Silver Medal in the Competition for the Best Packaging

15 Sep 2017

9 September saw the international packaging competition Riga Food 2017 Packaging No. 1 come to an end, with Cannelle Bakery winning the silver medal for its packaging of mini pies.

Cannelle Bakery Introducing American Bagels at Riga Food 2017

14 Sep 2017

At the international Riga Food 2017 trade fair, which took place from 6 until 9 September, Cannelle Bakery focused on its latest product – American bagels, which have already received good feedback in New York. 

Cannelle Bakery - on the Bread Street During the Riga City Festival

11 Sep 2017

On 19 August, Bread Street, which is organised as part of the Riga City Festival, welcomed both locals and city guests to Vērmanes Garden for the fifth consecutive year. 

Cannelle Bakery Re-certifies Against the BRC Standard

17 Jul 2017

We are proud of our second successful annual audit of the company's compliance with the BRC standard requirements and of the consequently received certificate of conformity. 

Cannelle Bakery in NY Fancy Food Show

4 Jul 2017

From 25 to 27 June, Cannelle Bakery took part in the New York food exhibition Fancy Food Show by offering its new product - The American Bagel. 


20 Jun 2017

American (born in Brooklyn New York) businessman Alan Amron traveling abroad, stumbled upon the best American Bagel he has ever tasted in his entire life.

Cannelle Bakery in Kurzeme Entrepreneurs days

12 Jun 2017

Cannelle Bakery participated in Kurzeme Entrepreneurs days 2017, which were conducted on 2 and 3 June in the Olympic Centre "Ventspils".


23 May 2017

This year Cannelle Bakery for the first time participated in a procession of the Saldus Municipality celebration on May 20, which was the final day of the celebration. 


22 May 2017

Cannelle Bakery on May 16 and 17 participated at the PLMA`s World of Private Label exhibition in Amsterdam. 


18 May 2017

Cannelle Bakery participated at the international HOFEX 2017 exhibition, taking place between May 8 and 11 in Hong Kong. 

Cannelle Bakery Named the Sweets Manufacturer of the Year

13 Apr 2017

On the evening of 8 April, the Saldus Music and Art School hosted the official ceremony of the Saldus Municipality Annual Entrepreneur Awards, where the entrepreneurs of the Saldus Municipality were awarded in seven nominations. 

At the Made in Saldus Municipality Trade Fair

13 Apr 2017

On 8 April, Cannelle Bakery participated in the Made in Saldus Municipality trade fair which gathered more than 80 entrepreneurs, home producers, craftsmen, associations and rural territory governments from the Saldus Municipality. 

Cannelle Bakery at the Narvesen Event of the Year

13 Apr 2017

Cannelle Bakery participated in the Narvesen Event of the Year on 16 February. 

Cannelle Bakery at the Reaton Professionals’ Days 2017

13 Apr 2017

Cannelle Bakery has successfully participated in the Reaton Professionals’ Days 2017 that gathered restaurant, café, hotel and retail professionals for an extensive trade fair of products and programme of master classes. 


19 Jan 2017

At the Cannelle Bakery end of year ball on 13 January, we honoured the employees whom other colleagues had deemed the best and who had upheld our company’s values: quality, responsibility and common sense. 

Cannelle Bakery piedalās “TallinnFoodFest- 2016”

30 Oct 2016

Cannelle Bakery no 27.līdz 29.oktobrim piedalījās pārtikas izstādē “Tallinn FoodFest” . Tā ir lielākā B2B (bizness biznesam) pārtikas izstāde Baltijas valstīs, kas Tallinā pulcēja vairāk kā 6000 pārtikas nozares profesionāļus.

Cannelle Bakery at "Riga Food 2016"

12 Sep 2016

Cannelle Bakery participated in the international exhibition “Riga Food 2016”, which took place from 7 to 10 September. 

Cannelle Bakery in the Milk, Bread and Honey Festival in Jelgava

6 Sep 2016

On 27 August Cannelle Bakery participated in the 16th annual Milk, Bread and Honey Festival in Jelgava. 

Cannelle Bakery - on Bread Street during the Riga City Festival

17 Aug 2016

On 13 August, Bread Street gathered the visitors of the Vērmanes Garden Park in the scope of the Riga City Festival for the fourth time, and our company - Cannelle Bakery has been taking part in this event every year. 

Cannelle Bakery is BRC Certified

14 Jul 2016

We are pleased to announce that Cannelle Bakery is now certified against BRC Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 7 – July 2015). 

Businessmen’s Days in Kurzeme 2016

7 Jun 2016

On 27-28 May, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised the business exhibition “Businessmen’s Days in Kurzeme 2016” in Liepāja that gathered 145 participants from various locations in Kurzeme.

Cannelle Bakery at the International PLMA’s World of Private Label 2016 Exhibition

7 Jun 2016

Cannelle Bakery participated in the international PLMA World of Private Label 2016 exhibition that took place on 24-25 May in Amsterdam. 

Cannelle Bakery Participates in Exhibition in China

9 May 2016

Cannelle Bakery has participated in the international exhibition SIAL China 2016. The leading food and beverage exhibition, taking place in 11 showrooms in Shanghai over three days between 5 May and 7 May, gathered 3000 exhibitors from all over the world and 66,000 visitors.

Cannelle Bakery at the Gastronord Trade Show

9 May 2016

This was Cannelle Bakery’s first time at the Gastronord trade show in Stockholm. The international Gastronord trade show is one of the major food and beverage trade shows in Northern Europe, which has been gathering industry professionals since 1985.

Cannelle Bakery Trade Mission in Finland

14 Apr 2016

From 4 until 7 April Cannelle Bakery participated in the Trade Mission in Finland, organised by GatewayBaltic.

Cannelle Bakery at the Ražots Saldū (Made In Saldus) Fair

14 Apr 2016

On 2 April Cannelle Bakery participated in the Ražots Saldū fair, which took place for the fifth time, gathering sellers and service providers from Saldus Municipality, as well as local establishments and authorities

Cannelle Bakery in London

16 Mar 2016

On 26 February Cannelle Bakery participated in the UK Coffee Leader Summit 2016, which took place in London.

Cannelle Bakery Participated in the Reaton Professionals’ Days 2016

8 Mar 2016

On 8 and 9 February Cannelle Bakery participated in the Reaton Professionals’ Days 2016, which took place in Arena Riga

Cannelle Bakery at the Gulfood Trade Show

7 Mar 2016

From 21 until 26 February Cannelle Bakery participated in the Gulfood 2016 trade show in Dubai.

Cannelle Bakery at ISM 2016

12 Feb 2016

For the second consecutive year we participated in one of the largest International Sweets and Biscuits Fair - ISM, held in Cologne from 31 January till 3 February.

Cannelle Bakery at the Anuga 2015 Food Fair

9 Dec 2015

Cannelle Bakery participated in the international Anuga 2015 Food Fair, which took place in Cologne, Germany, 10–14 October.

Cannelle Bakery at Tallinn FoodFair

7 Dec 2015

From 28 until 30 October Cannelle Bakery participated in the Tallinn FoodFair. It is an international fair, which has become the main industry event for food professionals in  Estonia.

Cannelle Bakery at “Riga Food 2015”

15 Sep 2015

From 2 to 5 September in Ķīpsala, Cannelle Bakery took part in the most significant food industry exhibition in the Baltics, “Riga Food 2015”.

Cannelle Bakery Participated in the Riga City Festival

18 Aug 2015

On 15 August, Cannelle Bakery participated in the Riga Festival Bread Street event, organised in Vērmanes Garden.

Cannelle Bakery Receives a Certificate of Merit

30 Jun 2015

On Friday, June 26, the representative of the Board of Cannelle Bakery, Bruno Ansons, received a certificate of merit at the House of Parliament in appreciation of Cannelle Bakery being one of the supporters of the Latvian Presidency and offering their goods and services free of charge.

SIA Matss changes name and from now on will be called Cannelle Bakery

14 May 2015

As a continuation of the development of the successful brand Cannelle Bakery, from now on the company SIA Matss will be called Cannelle Bakery.

Sensobus tests Cannelle Bakery

14 May 2015

The unique consumer opinion research tool Sensobus, created by Puratos with the aim to inform food producers about what kind of products meet consumer wishes and needs in Latvia and around the world, visited Latvia on 10–12 May.

Cannelle Bakery in Exhibition “Produced in Saldus”

1 Apr 2015

In the exhibition “Produced in Saldus”, which took place on 28 March, the “Cannelle Bakery” stand was truly favoured by visitors.

Cannelle Bakery – presidency partner

26 Mar 2015

Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union provides a possibility for Latvian companies to have the honour of becoming partners of the presidency. “Cannelle Bakery” is among the Latvian entrepreneurs that have received this honour.

Cannelle Bakery at Gulfood 2015

17 Feb 2015

From 8 February to 12 February “Cannelle Bakery” participated in the exhibition  Gulfood 2015 in Dubai.

Cannelle Bakery at ISM 2015

8 Feb 2015

From 01 February to 04 February our products were displayed at the largest sweets and biscuits manufacturer forum in Cologne, where the 45th International Sweets and Biscuits Fair ISM 2015 was held.  The fair had gathered more than 1500 suppliers from 65 countries. Clients were highly impressed with our production, which was baked on-site and offered for tasting. Meat pies were sought-after the...

Cannelle Bakery novelties

25 Nov 2014

The first trade agreements of the new “Cannelle Bakery” production have been signed on the supply to Latvian and Estonian stores and they are available at the frozen food display cases of these stores. The buyers are offered four types of pastries.

Cannelle Bakery joins the movement

14 Nov 2014

"Cannelle Bakery" has joined the movement "Vairo savu un Latvijas labumu" (Promote your and Latvia’s benefits)! Thus we are emphasising our brand as a Latvian producer.

Cannelle Bakery at SIAL 2014

3 Nov 2014

„Cannelle Bakery” was among 6300 participants of the international food fair „SIAL 2014”, which was taking place in Paris, France from 19th to 23rd of October.

Cannelle Bakery in Riga City Festival

19 Aug 2014

Cannelle Bakery has been presenting its products in "Bread street", one of Riga City Festival events, which was organized in Vermane's garden on 16th of August. The main theme of this year's event was healthiness of bread.

Cannelle Bakery in Ventspils Town Festival

6 Aug 2014

Annual Ventspils Town Festival, which was held during the first weekend of August, was gathering around 125000 visitors this year. Cannelle Bakery stand in Harbor Promenade gained high interest by the visitors of the Festival.

Cannelle Bakery for export markets

21 Jul 2014

The first shipment of Cannelle Bakery products to Moscow, Russia was taking place on 17th of July. Trading partner in Russia is highly valuing our product quality. We see that this has been a successful outcome from the Prodexpo 2014 exhibition, were Cannelle Bakery was presenting the range of the most popular frozen products.

Cannelle Bakery participates in Prodexpo 2014

14 Feb 2014

Cannelle Bakery for the first time participates in the trade fair. This time it is Russia, Prodexpo 2014. Cannelle Bakery presents its frozen range of products. During the fair we realized that besides volume, high quality and low price, there is also a need for unique products. Stand visitors were fond of our offering, so there is good ground to start selling our products to Russia. And not only to...

Cannelle Bakery trade mark registered in European Commission

27 Nov 2013

We are pleased to inform that Cannelle Bakery trade mark has been registered by OHIM - Office for Harmionization in the Internal Market and is confirmed by Certificate of Registration.

Launch of the new Cannelle Bakery brand

7 Nov 2013

On 29th of October, 2013 Matss Ltd. organized a press conference in cooperation with Latvian Guarantee Agency to inform society about the launch of the brand Cannelle Bakery to the Latvian market. The speakers for the press conference were Ivars Skrebelis, Chairman of the Board of Matss Ltd. and Ivars Golsts, Director of Latvian Guarantee Agency.